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As you probably know, writing articles is a time-consuming task.

Time for research, I myself test each of the actions I point out to you, I miss a lot, in order to write the most accurate content possible.

Time for writing, an article that you read in about 5 minutes can take several hours to write.

Time to reread (several times) the content, and to have it reread to my friends and family, to eliminate the maximum of repetitions, spelling and grammar mistakes, and so on.

Moreover, this site (as well as other projects) is hosted on a dedicated OVH server, which also costs money.

I don't intend to become a millionaire thanks to this blog, which I maintain first of all for the pleasure of sharing what I learn and explaining my points of view, nevertheless having activity on a site that takes up so much of my time is something rewarding.

You can support this site! No money is needed for that (but I still accept checks from a few thousand euros).

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